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Egypt’s future for Touristic & Real Estate investment exhibition

Mena for Touristic & Real
Estate Investment Co. invites
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About Mena

Mena is an Egyptian incorporated company established in 1980. It operates in the fields of construction, real estate investment, project management and urban development both locally and internationally.


During the past 30 years, Mena has developed and marketed more than 125 unique housing projects in Egypt, Sudan & Lebanon through its wide offices network in Egypt, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon and Sudan.


Mena was a pioneer to penetrate the North Coast of Egypt with Mena resorts in 1986. Furthermore, we were the leaders to tackle the remote cities in Cairo through introducing high class elite residential gated compounds ... More


Throughout ages; Egypt witnessed a cultural and historical heritage that can hardly be matched by any other nation.

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A country of great contrast & diversity, paradise of forests & gardens "of fabulous springs of water, a land flowing with milk &honey"

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An Ancient terrain its age goes back to 3,000 years BC; seized eminent civilizations into it. Left clear prints in others as well as others left landmarks in it.  

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As ancient as the Nile, an extension to the cultural and historical heritage of the ancient Egyptians with significant marks throughout ages.

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