• The first real estate company in Egypt that has established more than 125 projects throughout the past 29 years
  • The fastest growing real estate company for the years 2005 & 2006 – "source: Business Today"
  • The first real estate company that has developed new gated residential compounds in new remote cities - 6th of October city.
  • The first real estate company that has developed 4 resorts in the North Coast in Egypt.
  • The first real estate investment company that has established a unique resort in Baabdat, Lebanon (Mena house club) and expanded its activity through establishing a sole residential compound in Sudan (El Yasmine residence)

  Real Estate Investment refers to buying and selling real estate with an intention to profit in the process. It involves the commitment of funds to property with an aim to generate income through rental or lease and to achieve capital appreciation. Understanding real estate investment is crucial because it usually involves a substantial investment and a long-term one.
Real estate investment groups are similar to small mutual funds. They are set up for rental or lease of properties. While an investor may own a piece land or a compound, a professionally managed company acquires, builds, maintains and lets out all the units on the properties in exchange for a percentage.

  There’s nothing wrong with having partners when investing in real estate; in fact it’s a great idea. This is especially true if you need some assistance in funding your deals and / or seeking the expertise of an expert in the industry; someone who has decades of experience in the real estate industry locally & internationally.
Part of our investment is to take undeveloped lands / terrains and work on it extensively to finalize this land and deliver it to the end consumer a fully developed and inclusive compound (residential or touristic)

  Mena for touristic & real estate investment has been able to generate over 300 million EGP from mutual investments in real estate projects.
Furthermore, Mena expanded its investments in mutual real estate projects to be over 1 billion EGP and the expected revenue generation surpasses the invested sums by huge & enormous percentages. Hence, Mena has the know-how to generating excellent revenues even with harsh market conditions & vigorous competition in the market.