Investor Relations

Registration Statement On The Stock Exchange

Share Value:-

2 EGP per share totaling 150 million EGP to 75 million shares

Start Of The Fiscal Year:-

The first of January of each year

Auditor's Name:-

The office of Dr. Mostafa Shawky and Co.

 The office of Allied for Accounting and Auditing - Ernst & Young

Names Of Subsidiaries And Affiliates

  • Mena touristic Resorts
  • Mena City Center for commercial and entertainment complexes
  • Egyptian Company for project management and marketing
  • Mena for agriculture and landscape
  • Blue Nile Company for development and Construction - Sudan
  • Al Hamra spring for tourism development
  • Florida Group for Development and Construction
  • Mena development and tourism investments


13 issues

Listing Date:-


Offering Type:-

Public offering



Throughout ages; Egypt witnessed a cultural and historical heritage that can hardly be matched by any other nation.

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A country of great contrast & diversity, paradise of forests & gardens "of fabulous springs of water, a land flowing with milk &honey"

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An Ancient terrain its age goes back to 3,000 years BC; seized eminent civilizations into it. Left clear prints in others as well as others left landmarks in it.  

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As ancient as the Nile, an extension to the cultural and historical heritage of the ancient Egyptians with significant marks throughout ages.

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