Investor Relations

The Organizational Structure of The Company

Board Members


Mr. Mohamed Ahmed Abbas Chairman Represents Aref Investment Group
Mr. Mohammed Mubarak Al Hajeri Vice Chairman Represents Aref Investment Group
Mr. Jasem Dawoud Al-Oun Board Member Represents Lamar Holding Company
Mr. Dawood Sulaiman Dawood Al Busairi Board Member Represents Lamar Holding Company
Mr. Sameh Ahmed Khodeir Board Member Board member

Executives Directors

Name Title
 Mr. Mohamed Ahmed Abbas  Chairman
Mr. Abdel Karim Abo El-Nasr Abdel Latif  Chief Financial officer
Eng. Khaled Mohamed Massoud Acting Chief Operations Officer
Mr. Tarek Zakaria El-Nadi  Acting Head of Legal & Administrative Dept.
Mr. Hesham Mohamed Zayed  Sales & Marketing Manager
Mr. Aly Meky 

Legal Affairs Manager



Throughout ages; Egypt witnessed a cultural and historical heritage that can hardly be matched by any other nation.

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A country of great contrast & diversity, paradise of forests & gardens "of fabulous springs of water, a land flowing with milk &honey"

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An Ancient terrain its age goes back to 3,000 years BC; seized eminent civilizations into it. Left clear prints in others as well as others left landmarks in it.  

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As ancient as the Nile, an extension to the cultural and historical heritage of the ancient Egyptians with significant marks throughout ages.

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