Hai Al Mal

The project is 222,000 m² and encompasses a residential area, a business area and services area. The residential area represents 22,000 m² of the total area and encompasses apartments, town houses and villas.

Each apartment various between 120 m² - 300 m². Town houses with an area of 250 m². The business and services area represents 70,000 m² of the project area.

Within the compound, we offer a variety of different services and amenities that aims to serve clients' needs and satisfaction. The compound encompasses grand mall with an area of 20,000 m², hotel, sports club, cultural club and a park.


Located in real estate area near the west entrance of Damascus and on the road to Beirut and Al Zabadani area near Gamaraya, which is 10 minutes away from central Damascus

Master Plan




Finishing Specifications