Turquoise Resort

In the Northern western road at the 76th km in the North coast of Egypt, we are introducing marvelous and spectacular project to the Egyptian market; which is Mena Turquoise. Mena turquoise is being built up on 27,446 m² approximately.
Mena Turquoise encloses the best mixture & blend of residential, entertainment and commercial zones & compounds together to form the complete & absolute perfect resort being ever found in the North Coast of Egypt.
Each of the mentioned zones are specifically designed in a way to make you enjoy the fun, prosperity and pleasure of spending the vacation with Mena Turquoise.


Turquoise is located on the Northern Western road at the 76 km in the North Coast of Egypt, over an area of 27,446 m² approximately.

Master Plan



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Finishing Specifications



Entertainment area
Highly competitive entertainment areas with various facilities and activities offered for the residents while spending luxurious time in the resort.
Shopping areas
Equipped with high class retailers and signs so as to have everything near while having fun in the resort in the North Coast.