Mena 5

Mena 5 is built on 60 feddans; with a superb design to encompass 546 chalets,separate villas , cabins , fully serviced hotel, shops and club house. This diversified mix of units are introduced for satisfying your needs according to your demands. Summer in the North Coast won’t be the same as before, where we will get the chance to live happily; benefiting from all the services and facilities offered by Mena 5.


Mena 5 is located at 201 km (Ras El Hekma bay) in the North Coast and 85 km away from Masra Matrouh . Such marvelous location enables all units in the resort to have a panoramic sea view. Where everyone will feel the relaxation, privacy and entertainment while staying at Mena Island resort.

Master Plan



Seprate Villa 1 Floor Front

Seprate Villa 1 floor Back

Seprate Villa 2 Floors Front

Seprate Villa 2 Floors Back

Chalet 146 Front

Chalet 146 Back

Chalet 170 Front

Chalet 170 Back

Seprate Villa 1 Floor Front Plans

Ground Floor

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Seprate Villa 1 floor Back Plans

Ground Floor

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Seprate Villa 2 Floors Front Plans

Ground Floor

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First & Typical Floor

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Seprate Villa 2 Floors Back Plans

Ground Floor

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First & Typical Floor

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Chalet 146 Front Plans

Ground Floor Plan

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First Floor Plan

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Chalet 146 Back Plans


Chalet 170 Front Plans


Chalet 170 Back Plans


Finishing Specifications



Services & facilities
The resort has some top class services introduced to its clients for pleasure, recreation and respite.
A highly elite House club located in the core of the resort, where all residents can have easy accessibility to the facilities introduced in the house club such as: gymnasium halls, sauna and massage rooms.
Adding to this, the beach services court; whereas, the court yard is encompassing 2 swimming pools, one for children ones for adults. In addition to the, pool bar, cafeteria, and a sunset patio.
High standard hotel As a value added services in Mena 5 resort, there is a high standard fully equipped hotel with all its services.
The Hotel
An ultra modern highly elite hotel; built on 17,500 m² with international, state of the art architectural design.
The hotel is well-designed to accommodate 372 rooms that are being serviced with the highest levels of quality. In addition to that, there are the standard services and assistance such as:
-Restaurants, meeting rooms and celebrations halls
-Business service center
-Swimming pools & health Club
In an attempt to enrich the resort; there will be more than one management company so as to be able to serve the resort and provide all the pleasure facilities & services as being aimed by clients. Adding to this, the resort has a distinguished beach that is being supported by the resort location in a premium location in the North Coast of Egypt