The meaning of colors
Color is all around us. We see it all the time. Most of us have no idea the impact color has on our lives. This impact of the many colors in our environment is usually not conscious. Sometimes we get an uneasy feeling in certain rooms or very relaxed in another, but we call this a mood. The "color of mood" can be what is surrounding us.
Color is a vibration of light. In dim light, the color we see will seem different than in bright sun light. Everyone doesn't see the color frequency in exactly the same way. For example, I see a color I call blue-green, which to me is blue with a touch of green. Someone else may call the color green-blue, because he sees more green than I do. Even color-blind people are affected by color.
Green color meaning:-
Green is the color of nature, fertility, life. Grass green is the most restful color. Green symbolizes self-respect and well being. Green is the color of balance. It also means learning, growth and harmony. Green is a safe color, if you don't know what color to use anywhere use green.
Green is favored by well balanced people. Green symbolizes the master healer and the life force. It often symbolizes money. It was believed green was healing for the eyes. Egyptians wore green eyeliner. Green eyeshades are still used. You should eat raw green foods for good health. Friday is the day of green. Green jade is a sacred stone of Asia.
Green Energy
Green contains the powerful energies of nature, growth, desire to expand or increase. Balance and a sense of order are found in the color green. Change and transformation is necessary for growth, and so this ability to sustain changes is also a part of the energy of green.
Put some green in your life when you want:
* a new state of balance
* feel a need for change or growth
* freedom to pursue new ideas
* protection from fears and anxieties connected with the demands of others

Green gem stone properties
Green gemstones are used to attract money, prosperity and wealth. They are balancing stones that promote growth and fertility. Carry, wear or place green gemstones around your home or office to promote balance, change and growth.
Wearing Green
Wear green when you want to overcome a sense of thwarted ambition. Green says growth - balance - harmony. It is a color of healthy relationships.
Chakra associated with Green:
Green is the color associated with the Heart Chakra. This chakra deals with higher consciousness and love
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