Landscaping Effect
Most people landscape their homes for their own enjoyment. You
probably want your home to have attractive front yard landscaping
for both yourself and visitors.

However, some are concerned as to the relationship between the
amount of money they spend on landscaping and their home's
value? What will it mean if you want to sell your home? Will you
actually recoup the money you have spent on landscaping your

In recent years, there have been quite a few studies done on just
this subject. Here are some findings.

Money Magazine determined that landscaping offers an excellent
return on investment. Actually it ranks top out of any home

In addition, there was a study done by the American Society
of Landscape Architects in conjunction with Money Magazine. A
recovery value of 100% to 200% of landscaping costs can be
gained when you sell you home.

Clemson University stated that homes with excellent landscaping
will sell for 6 to 7% more than comparable homes

The Society of Real Estate Appraisers also feels a landscaped home
adds value, 99% agreeing that it actually causes these homes to
sell more quickly.
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