Research & Planning

Planning in the company is dedicated to helping achieve quality of life goals important to the community. to meet these goals, the comprehensive planning staff works with city officials and the public to develop a vision for the community and devise ways to help turn this vision into reality. the purpose of comprehensive planning is to shape growth in ways that make Mena developments a better place to live and work. Benefits of good planning include:

  • Increasing the vitality and safety of neighborhoods
  • Protect property values by reducing conflicts between incompatible types of development
  • Protect the environment by reducing impacts on natural features and resources
  • Improve the design of development projects to help enhance the functional and visual characteristics of the development
  • While good planning has a host of positive benefits, a failure to plan adequately for the development future can result in a less desirable place to live and do business. The development planning unit (dpu) is specializing in research and consultancy in the field of urban development, planning, and management. it is concerned with promoting sustainable forms of development, understanding rapid urbanization and encouraging innovation in the policy, planning and management responses to